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After five months of KONTINUUM we have now come to an end. We've had the pleasure of working with so many talented artists and people in the field of arts and culture. Various artistic perspectives have been shared and the great response was positively astonishing. Digitalisation once proved again its advantage and in spite of the current situation of isolation, we were able to reflect the ongoing pandemic by the means of art. A warm THANK YOU to all of our contributors and supporters.
We couldn't have done this without you.
To all visitors of this website:
Feel free to check out www.kleinehumboldtgalerie.de and our IG-account kleinehumboldtgalerie for information about our new project zwischen körpern

Lilian Mauthofer

selected works


In one of her novels on complex interpersonal relationships, Simone de Beauvoir once asked:  'Have you ever felt in your inmost being, the conscience of others?' My Photographs are about the exploration of conscience in a moment when the division between 'the self' and 'the other' remains narrow. I believe that each person's thoughts are concerned with the presence of other people - with the memories of their faces, touches and voices.


Katja Heinemann

summer body

selected works


Why do we let beauty standards define the way we see ourselves?

The series summer body deals with the socially constructed pressure of having to present the perfect body at the beach. Why do we let beauty standards define the way we see ourselves? Aren't the »little flaws« what makes us special? Each and every one aesthetic in itself? During this year's summer, Leipzig-based photographer Katja Heinemann accompanied her girlfriends while capturing their bodies with her camera. Her aim is to deconstruct  the fashion industry's beauty standards through capturing people's bodies just as they are. With armpit hair, stretch marks or some »love handles«. And most importantly: Featuring powerful women – content with and in their own bodies. 


The first group show took place in a large family tent, on a dyke in the south of Hamburg, Germany. 33 artists from all over Europe sent small works via letters and packages. All works were shown via instagram live-stream. The audience was guided through the exhibition by watching it online. 

raus project

vol. 1

various artists



»Last week we got bored of our bodies being locked inside and being lucky enough to be in a place that allows us to step outside, we organized a 1.5m Social Dist#DANCE with some lovely soul containers in Berlin. Entertaining the barrio of Neukölln the response was beautiful. People stood on their balconies, peaked out of their cages, stopped by and enjoyed an 8-minute pop up performance at a distance. All artists are suffering immensely in this time and we wanted to shine an element of hope that we can claim the streets, create art and share love in the isolated ways that we can. We can’t detect a smile under a mask but we can always strike a pose to give one.«


»We can't detect a smile under a mask but we can always strike a pose to give one.«


Social Dist#DANCE

Pop-Up Dance Performance


June 2020


Kirstin Burckhardt

gorge series

May 2020

ink on 70g/m2 paper

15 x 15 cm 


These drawings were made in May 2020 in the midst of social distancing and self-quarantine. While the artist was grappling with the effects of the Corona pandemic, Burckhardt was conducting interviews with people all across the globe to understand what they were going through. And it was there that the artist's hands found their way in the clarity of these lines.



the artist's hands found their way in the clarity of these lines

When you hang out with a friend too frequently, you’ll likely start to be annoyed at some point. But what if this friend is you and you can not just cancel?

>> Read more

Charlotte Hansel

selected works


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Apostolos Tsolakidis 

selected works


»I like to work in series – unfinished ones though. I start with an idea and try to manifest it throughout different periods into something concrete. This is why you will see repetition and complimentary photographs from different places and times. I tend to prefer this way of working because it allows me to continuously evolve an idea inside my head and explore a multi-faced approach towards it.«


it allows
me to continuously evolve an idea inside my head 
like a distant and meaningless time frame

Daniela Rivera

selected works


Since the 15th of March up until the start of June, I found myself confronted by the importance of digitalization within documentation. Something that now seems like a distant and meaningless time frame. Isolation was not an issue, and I might dare say that in my personal case it was what I needed for myself and which eventually urged me to step outside of confinement. This form of experience, shared globally but for each individual it is purely with themselves, is where digitalization becomes almost necessary. 


Anna Bochkova



I build a visual vocabulary based on familiar materials, forms and objects, which are used in a different purpose, so this practice helps me to create my own archive. For me it is important that the space I create becomes interactive and activated. I tend to produce work myself and to let the space for the coincidence and the development of materials themselves.

Gin Bahc

The painter paints to erase himself and to expand himself.


Various media, performance, variable size 


»Der Abstraktismus ist die Rebellion des Menschen angesichts des leeren Abgrunds, ein Ausdruck der Angst, der organische Prinzipien ablehnt und unter solchen Umständen die menschliche Schöpfungsfreiheit bekräftigt.«
Herbert Read



to view

the video

Torben Jost

Isolation Intimacy Identity



Isolation Intimacy Identity emerged in collaboration with The Queer Archive (www.thequeerarchive.com) in Athens.

This is escapism of course. But it is also an attempt to feel less alone.
Sometimes with a mere rotation, space measures itself out, devours, and spreads out anew in the memory of site, sound, and space

Friedrich Andreoni


Performative Act

Port of Abu Dhabi


Friedrich Andreoni


Performative Act


Friedrich Andreoni



Performative Act

Abu Dhabi


LOCK ME DOWN (2020) is an interactive visual narrative by Yaron Maïm which was created during the COVID-19 Berlin lockdown in their tiny Berlin room.


 People need to hear that this time is not about necessarily about productivity and output, but rather a collective opportunity to look deep within the self, considering rest and reflection as crucial components of personal success.

Sandra Zanetti

Up in the Air


You open a Box...

Circle of Influence


The shared experience of being thrown back into one‘s own sphere and the need for space, for movement, friction, confrontation and self-empowerment together form the motivations for the performance.


© You open a Box...

© Inna Levinson, Uncanny Valley, 2020

Uncanny Valley

Virtual reality, data storage and scientific findings in physiognomy serve as a model for the picture series "Uncanny Valley".


© Inna Levinson, Uncanny Valley, 2020

Robert Wilde

Prefering the Machine


Darja Linder

Soft Sex Toys




Du kannst mit ihnen kuscheln, sie streicheln, befühlen und erforschen. Nimm dir Zeit und entdecke jedes kleine Kräuseln, jede Wölbung und jede Falte. Drücken, ziehen, liebkosen - alles ist erlaubt, solange du soft bist.             read more >>

© Lena Skrabs

In the old days you used to come across glass window panels with a small hole to reach through in old school bank buildings, post offices and train counters. With the modern idea of service these objects became a rare encounter. 
Nowadays however you could see them pop up here and there in the super market, the corner store down the street or the print shop.


Bubu Mosiashvili

Conversation started slowly


While being in a lockdown or being forced to face the outcome from the pandemic, I am always thinking about the past and the way we used to live. That’s not typical for me to overlook the past and search for some questions or answers there, but this time I am trying to predict the possible scenario of the future after the pandemic. Since when is it possible to guess what is about to come based on past experience ? For me it was never a thing. But still I am comparing the past times with the present. I don’t know what is going to happen in the near future, but all these times have something in common, at least for me. Before I was thinking about tomorrow, today I am thinking about tomorrow and tomorrow I will think about tomorrow. In the past I was trying to understand the yet unknown future, now I am trying to guess what kind of tomorrow will be interesting for me tomorrow. So the battle between bleak, predictable and unknown future rages on.


B.Mosiashvili – 03.06.200

Pengpeng Wang

Due to...

Performance Art Project


When the epidemic comes, every one of us on the planet is being affected in a variety of ways, although we are in different countries and different regions. 


Shelter-in-Place is a series of one-hour long video performances I did in my Brooklyn apartment over two months in quarantine. I performed simple actions, often staying in one spot, fixating my gaze on one object, such as a clock, my own shadow or reflection. As life outside came to a halt, I wanted to stay even more still inside exploring issues of isolation, passing time, confronting myself and our new reality. 

Stas Ginzburg


60’00”, 4K video, April 1, 2020

https://vimeo.com/405183603 (timelapse)

Stas Ginzburg

It's Okay to Touch My Face, Now

60’00”, 4K video, April 11, 2020

https://vimeo.com/406814726 (excerpt)

Looking for true freedom in all aspects of individual and collective life, is something that deeply drives my practice.                       


Mirce Velarde-Liljehult


Who is the enemy?

A/Live-Stream Performance



You are the only one in the meeting (Who is the enemy II)



You are the only one in the meeting (Who is the enemy II)



The Coronavirus is changing our relation to each other and affecting our perception of reality. This virus is very democratic: it spreads over the borders, has no preference for gender, social, cultural, or economic status. In this time of lockdown, we wonder about the mutation of our social life and the effects of the deprivation of physical touch.


Plastique Fantastique


© Marco Barotti


© Marco Barotti, 2020

Fighting against COVID-19, doctors might be exposed to the infection when masks and protection suits are in shortage. The Mobile PPS is a pneumatic space where doctors can treat patients in transparent protective space. It has constant positive air pressure, which means, the air flows only toward outside of the space, not letting the virus coming inside. The clean air supply is guaranteed by a ventilator located outside or in an extra decontaminated space.
AIR LOCK area keeps the air pressure and prepares doctors with disinfection procedures.


© Plastique Fantastique, 2020

Choose Your Own Quarantine is a web-based game that is inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books series first made popular in the 1980s. There is a carefully designed breadcrumb trail of action and consequence, making a tangible visualization of the ways in which we are forced to reckon with our choices; here, each user may experience redemption and condemnation in equal part.                                                    read more >>

In search of a new visual language, Japanese artist Yuya Suzuki responds to the environment around him: minimalist amorphous shapes, semi-symmetric patterns and bright, blazing colours function like fragments or syllables of an unintelligible code. When viewed as series or as room-filling installation, Suzuki’s works unfold into a linguistic landscape that feels strangely familiar, yet cleverly escapes definitive meaning. Each image is created from a part of an actual city-scape, but the level of abstraction varies: from motifs that closely resemble the original to heavily abstracted patterns. His “archegraph studies” — a term he coined in 2016—  are visual texts that could also be described as an abstract syntax or musical pattern. Suzuki’s notes proliferate endlessly, defying a harmonious melody.    Read more >>

Yuya Suzuki
selected works Archegraph Study

[here 2016-2018]

different locations and variable dimensions

Yuya Suzuki

Archegraph Study Taiwan



Yuya Suzuki
selected works Archegraph Study

[here 2016-2018]

different locations and variable dimensions

garden of delight
So to every queen 
come and be seen 
all that you are all that you have always been awakened to your own country of wonder let’s take flight and ravel as we travel through this new
garden of delight
tree war cry

Megan King is a South African born artist, poet and selector creating under the name Lemonella. Her work has an alchemical quality to it; rooted in an intimate observation of the inner and outer environment, and then blending, mixing and combining diverse elements (including sound, poetry, video and collage) in a way that creates something new and more valuable than its separate parts. She is inspired by themes of sensuality, playfulness, subtlety, harmony and a return to earth reverence where these qualities are inherent.


Brad Downey
Videostills from the performance Isolation

Izola, Slovenia, 2020

Brad Downey is one of the free people. Not a throw-back but slightly out-of-place in these controlled times. He is from the US and so carries that weight around, but lightly, as though it is not such a burden as we know it to be. It is a kind of mentally athletic suppleness he has.  Read more >>

Brad Downey
New World Order


In Collaboration with NAME

Piran, Slovenia, 2020


Nebieridze’s work is strongly emblematic of the condition of radical youth in contemporary Europe. These are the bodies right wing governments don’t want to see as a future face of Europe. He captures, with eloquent timing, images of genuine experience and honest connection between friends and muses, moments of heightened emotion and loss of control. These flashes of beauty during an after party or a brief encounter on the street document a youth in search of love, self discovery and liberation and examine fragments of everyday life in timeless fashion.  Read more >>


Hannah Bates


Social Media Performance


@pantyrespirator is a multi-disciplinary social media performance that critically examines sex, crisis, and politics to validate reproductive rights as essential health.



Read the full interview with Lucy Beall about Body Politics, Art History and EB here >>

My body is so thankful for the sun in Scotland. Whenever I was allowed to leave the house, I’d often stand in the empty street, feeling the warmth of the sunlight, and close my eyes. I grew up in Texas and am not used to being inside for so long. 


Isabelle Constant, Lucy Beall

St. Andrews Fife 


Nikon d750

KONTINUUM exists somewhere between archive and project space.

Eight Hours from the Furniture to the Tree is a sundial built in the median strip part of a parking lot under construction on break during the lockdown due to the pandemic.





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