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Lilian Mauthofer

Born in 1995, Lilian Mauthofer currently lives and works in Berlin. During her studies in political philosophy, the world of images as a representation of the current zeitgeist has always been important to her. Having been gifted an old 35mm film camera by her father, Lilian started photography while she was still in her young teens. The black-and-white work in the darkroom is still at the core of her work, reflecting on questions of self and other, social justice, empowerment and female lust.
In 2016, the intersectional interests in both, politics and photography, brought her to Lebanon where she lived for 1.5 years and found herself capturing scenes from her daily life in a documentary mood.
Her works where shown in the group exhibition Vices & Validations (2019), a collaboration of the Lebanese NGO Haven for Artists and the Institut Francaise in Beirut. A solo exhibition on the series “Women’s Strength” (2018) took place in the Transitionhaus in Bayreuth. Recently, Lilian Mauthofer participated with the series “Thawra” in the 48hNeukölln art festival in Berlin (2020), curated by artburst berlin. Following 48h Neukölln, the photographs of “Thawra” were shown in different districts of Berlin in the format of a touring exhibition. Currently, the photographs are exhibited in Café Lux Berlin.


raus project

raus project is an independent exhibition platform. It was founded during the covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 by Wolfgang Günther. The aim of this project is to show art under these difficult circumstances, outside of common exhibition spaces. Each exhibition takes place in a unique setting and is facilitated by different curators in various cities.
Openings are broadcasted live on instagram (@raus.project) and can be streamed online on IGTV afterwards. Every artwork gets uploaded and introduced on the channel following the live stream. Until now five exhibitions have taken place in Hamburg, Berlin, Kassel and Würzburg with over 100 artists involved.


Charlotte Hansel

Charlotte Hansel is a Berlin-based visual artist working with photography and moving image. Her main topics are individual, subjective perception, constructed realities, as well as self awareness.


Anna Bochkova

Anna Bochkova (born 1995, Rostov on Don, Russia) is a visual artist based in Vienna.
After her studies in stage design and directing in Moscow Theatre University and in Academy of fine arts in Vienna in textual sculpture, she works mostly sculptural with the focus on space architecture.
Her latest projects include solo and group shows: Galeria PODLAHA ‘Treasure Island’, CZ;Spazio SERRA, Le città felici hanno l’architettura, IT; ArtRoom1000Fryd 'Zeus,give me my EU pass', DK; 10xx , Kvartirnik, AT


Friedrich Andreoni

Friedrich Andreoni works across multiple mediums, with a focus on sculpture and sound. He is graduating from Weißensee Academy of Arts Berlin with a Diploma in Sculpture and will continue his studies in the MFA Sound Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for which he has been awarded a full scholarship from the DAAD (2020-2022).


You open a Box...

Gin Bahc, Claudia Barcheri, Hannah Cooke, Immo Eyser, Pablo
Garretón, HyunJin Kim, Philipp Lange, Dominik Rinnhofer, Jakub
Šimčik, Katinka Theis and Lukas Zerbst met at the Cité
internationale des Arts in 2020.
Through the ritual of joint dinners and reflections, the artists
jointly developed a project for the public space in Paris, which
was strongly influenced by the initial restrictions of the Covid-19
pandemic. The live performance „Circle of Influence“ is our
response to the changed living conditions.


Darja Linder

Ich heiße Darja Linder, bin 1992 in Russland geboren und zurzeit Meisterstudierende bei Prof. Gabriele Langendorf an der Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar. In meinen Arbeiten beschäftige ich mich mit unterschiedlichen, oft feministischen Themen und engagiere mich schon seit mehreren Jahren durch zahlreiche Projekte in der feministischen Kulturszene. Für den 16. Mai organisierte ich ursprünglich gemeinsam mit drei anderen Frauen ein intersektionales Kunst-, Musik- und Kulturfestival in Saarbrücken, ein sogenanntes Lady*Fest, doch auch unsere Planung liegt aufgrund der momentanen Situation erstmal auf Eis. Damit jedoch auch dieser Diskurs weiterhin geführt wird, hoffe ich mit meinen Arbeiten einen Beitrag dazu leisten zu können.


Katja Heinemann

Katja Heinemann is a Leipzig-based photographer whose work and artistic language deal with the deconstruction of norms and ideals surrounding the body. When she held a camera in her hands for the first time, she didn't plan on putting it aside ever since. While studying culture and media pedagogy, she's passing her photographic knowledge on to young students throughout her workshops. Overtime she has developed a passion for abstract forms and colors in context of the body, inherent in her photographic works. 



»When the limits of the quarantine started dissolving and what was socially allowed was still blurry, the need of dancing and socializing with other bodies was latent and growing. We started meeting in parks and random streets to share small improvisation sessions. These meetings evolved from the idea of an improvisations jam we used to dance at before the lock down began. Now, the particularity of the pandemic situation demanded a new type of organization, a smaller group and the public space. Suddenly we, a small group of multidisciplinary artists began a research process.«


Apostolos Tsolakidis

Apostolos Tsolakdis is a Vienna and Berlin-based photographer. Dealing with suggestion and implicit perceptions, Apostolos‘ photographic Œuvre lets different impressions in and through the viewer’s thoughts melt into one.


Gin Bahc

Gin Bahc lives and works in Karlsruhe. She studied at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle and at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe with Professors Gustav Kluge and Marcel van Eeden, where she completed her studies as a master student in 2017. She received two residency grants for Vienna and Paris. Most recently she was a fellow at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Between October and May, the artist experienced the protests of the Gilets Jaune, and from March onwards, the strict exit bans due to COVID-19. Her own space and body became a projection surface for potential exhibitions, the available material all around flows into works that inevitably articulate themselves in the "domestic sphere". A new work that wants to be explored, provided that it is filled with curiosity instead of fear.


Yaron Maïm

Yaron Maïm is a Berlin-based visual artist with a French accent. "Where does a drawing end and where does it begin?" is their incentive to create. Their work weaves contemporary art and computer graphics, including print media, video, performance, augmented reality and 3D animation. They completed an MA in Solo/ Dance/ Authorship (SODA, HZT, Universität der Künste Berlin, 2018) and an MA in Visual Arts/ Critical Curatorial Cybermedia (CCC, University of Art & Design, Geneva, 2012).


Inna Levinson

Inna Levinson lives and works in Berlin 2014 – MFA at UdK, Berlin Selected exhibitions
 2019 – Tempora Showa, Circle Culture, Berlin 2018 – Selected Works 2018, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Berlin 2016 – The Grand Opening, Allouche Gallery, New York 2015 – Master Of Desaster, Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam 2015 – The Sky Is Falling, Hilbert Raum, Berlin 2013 – Museumfluxus+studis 2013, Potsdam 2012 – Tokyo Photo Ten Haaf Projects,Tokyo 2011 – Bomberlin, Bussey Building, London 2010 – Bongo Bongo Show, Meetfactory, Prague 2008 – 1st Moscow International Biennale For Young Art, Moscow


Lena Skrabs

Lena Skrabs is a Berlin-based artist. The celebratory possibilities of the ordinary are the focus of her practice and research.


yours, an open letter project, session 4 ["From Sarah, Esther, Adrian, Mine, Naz, Serhat and Arootin"]

For questions/further conversation/inquiries: session.4our@outlook.de


Kirstin Burckhardt

Kirstin Burckhardt is a visual artist combining video and performance, sound and word. Critically drawing upon her training in psychology and neuroscience, her work addresses power dynamics related to the body. Burckhardts artistic research ties together notions of embodiment, empathy, transgenerational trauma, and imaginative potentials. 


Daniela Rivera

Daniela (b.1996) is a multidisciplinary artist and writer from Lima, Peru currently working in photography and with a background in painting and dance. She studied at the Royal College of Art (London) and NYU Tisch School of the Arts (New York) and has exhibited in London, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Abu Dhabi. Her work explores socio-cultural issues on gender, identity and migration.


Torben Jost

Torben Jost lives and works in Berlin and Halle (Saale). They studied at Universität der Künster Berlin and Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein Halle. In their performances and media installations Torben Jost confronts the discursive entanglement of media and everyday objects. Through contextutal displacements and pop their works reveal hidden meanings and power structures.


Sandra Zanetti

Born in Chicago in 1996, and exhibiting globally, Sandra Zanetti works between the US and Europe surveying physical and digital documentation of different embodiments as new technologies become ingrained into humanity.
Her works manifests itself in the form of installations and immersive pieces of art; utilizing video, photography, found object, and performance. Sandra is an alumni of Paris College of Art, Universität der Künste Berlin and the University of Central Florida. Her next show will be with Meno Parkas in Düsseldorf in 2020.

Instagram: @sandrazanetti_


Robert Wilde

Robert Wilde (*1969 in Wien) ist ein österreichischer Regisseur und Photograph, der seit 1997 in Berlin lebt. Nach seiner Arbeit beim Kinderprogramm des ORF in Wien realisierte er Musikvideos in Berlin. Auszeichnungen als „Bester Newcomer“, beim Kurzfilmfestival Oberhausen („Suicide Commando“ von DJ Hell) und eine Nominierung beim Pornfilmfestival Berlin waren die Folge. Im Anschluss arbeitete er als Regisseur für zahlreiche Fernsehproduktionen (u.A. „Mein neuer Freund“) und realisierte einen Kinofilm („Jonas“, mit Christian Ulmen). 2014 rief er seine eigene Radiosendung „Atopia“ beim partizipativen Bürgersender ALEX Berlin ins Leben, in der er mit Freunden über gesellschaftspolitische Themen diskutiert. 2016 führte er zum ersten Mal Co-Regie am Theater („Wrestling Rita“, Theater zum Fürchten, Wien). Im selben Jahr entdeckte er, spät aber doch - und motiviert durch seinen Bruder - die Photographie. Im April 2017 resultierte daraus eine erste Ausstellung seiner „Aufwach“-Serie „Auf, auf ihr Hasen...“ und die Weiterentwicklung derselben als „I had a dream“ im Circus Hotel Berlin und im Hotel Chelsea Köln, wo er Menschen direkt nach dem Aufwachen in ihrem Hotelzimmer photographierte. Für seine Serie „Spiegel.Bilder“ hat er eine Form der Camera obscura mit semipermeablem Spiegel entwickelt die es ihm erlaubt, Menschen beim Blick in den Spiegel zu photographieren.




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