Alice Rekab & Barbara Knezevic

_Wiliče_ is a covid collaboration between Barbara Knezevic and Alice Rekab.

These digital drawings and .gifs are developed through a correspondence practice exploring our ancestors, fragments, and monuments. Through our work together we explore shared experiences of our respective migrant heritage and its impact on our perspectives as artists. Barbara Knezevic was born in Australia to post World War II immigrant Polish and Yugoslav families, and is now living and working in Ireland. Alice Rekab is of mixed Irish, Syrian and Sierra Leonean descent, the name Rekab is an Anglicisation of Al Rikabi (الركابي).

As unreliable narrators of multiple origins it is from this starting point that we propose a sequence of 5 x .gif moving images, designed to be programed between other works or shown in sequence as part of an interval. Fitting somewhere in between, these moving images, like the images presented in our portfolio, take their origins from imaginary topographies, partisan monuments, ancient fragments of domestic life and Irish, Syrian, Serbian, Croatian and West African folktales ( real or fabricated). _Wiliče_ is interested in the creative interpretation of provenance, tradition, and the other stories we tell ourselves about who we are, where we come from and where we are going.



Alice Rekab

is a visual artist based in Dublin. Her practice is concerned with expressions and iterations of complex cultural and personal narratives. Rekab takes her own mixed-race Irish identity as a starting point from which to explore the idea of the body, the family and the nation as reflections of one another. These ideas are developed through material investigations and renditions of family, its bodies, and the spaces they move through and inhabit. Through a practice of film, performance, image and sculpture Rekab creates new intersectional narratives and objects for exhibition. Forthcoming projects include Ricochet#14, a solo presentation at Museum Villa Stuck, Munich 2021.

Barbara Knežević

is an Australian born artist and educator living and working in Dublin. Her work is primarily object based and sculptural in form, appearing as complex, networked aggregations of objects and digital moving images. Recent exhibitions include Immurement, STATION Gallery Melbourne; Lithophone, Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin; The Last Thing on Earth, MAC, Belfast; Exquisite Tempo Sector, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin; City Agents, EKKM, Tallinn; Gallery Augusta, Helsinki. In 2021 she will present a major solo exhibition at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin.

Alice Rekab

Fugitiv Subjects


Photo: Adelaid Bannerman

Digital Drawing on Photograph,

84.1 x 118.9cm

Barbara Knezevic

Scapes; Rose Quartz


sculptural concentration, dimensions variable




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