Bubu Mosiashvili

Conversation started slowly, 2018

The only thing pandemic has changed for me, is that, I do not know what could possibly happen tomorrow. Being not able to think about possible scenarios of the near future, is the only thing making me feel the chaotic situation, that pandemic had brought. ‘Tomorrow’ is disappearing for me. The present has become bleak, boring, devoid of any excitement. This deadly threat looming over us has made tomorrow uninteresting and predictable, but in a weird paradox, the future of many more tomorrows to come pretty unknown. As we are stuck in a state of constant waiting, unable to control our future, human mind comes into conflict with status quo and thrives for any change. I am wondering what the word ‘tomorrow’ means to other people being in isolation, without having any social experiences, how are the people planning the future, without knowing it.
In 2018, I have created an installation, called ‘Conversation started slowly’, asking a question : ‘do you know anything about tomorrow ?’ and at the same time answering it on the back side of the work – ‘certainly not. But why ?’. At that time I was stating, that the first question was an easy question to answer on, because everyday we plan what to do tomorrow, go to work, go to school or university, meet some people and so on, but the real idea was not about tomorrow, that comes in 24 hours, but tomorrow that is in the future, which is still so unclear and far for us. But after 2 years, even the tomorrow, that comes in 24 hours can not be planned and is as unclear as the future, which is far away from here.
I want to ask this question to many people : ‘do you know anything about tomorrow ?’, I want to collect all the answers and make an archive, collection of them, I want people to share their ideas, perceptions about ‘tomorrow’, how pandemic has changed near future for them, is tomorrow the word we don’t need anymore ? 

Conversation started slowly, 2018

Bubu Mosiashvili, born  1997 in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a visual artist, currently living in Stuttgart, Germany. His artistic practice includes painting, drawing, installation and video art. Mosiashvili’s main interest is to find signs and traces of the unknown future in everyday routine and start battles between bleak, predictable present and yet unknown future. His artistic research is orientated on inspecting human psychological condition, while stepping into the new reality and being a step away, from forgetting the past and refining the memories.

On Instagram, Bubu Mosiashvili asked "What do you know about tomorrow". This is what you answered:

I know I can be happier

"Tomorrow" is our own projection and as a signifier tries to determine and fix any type of event in advance. It is the ability of our consciousness more than any actual separation from the present that should replace it, because when the replacement is to take place, it is as present as it is now. Consequently, "tomorrow" never arises and is only imaginary in the present. That’ it, I know nothing about it.

Just what today happened. Wake up, work at home, eat, sleep.

The virus really has introduced an unprecedented level of unpredictability in my life

For the past three months, yesterday, today and tomorrow have been the same, for me at least. I was never the one to be overly excited for another day, as I always had it somewhat planned. I knew what to expect from tomorrow and the day after that, but the quarantine changed it all. I am young with no medical conditions, so it was never a health issue for me, but this is not only about physical condition. Pandemic takes toll on our mental health and degrades economic situation. Yes, I know what the tomorrow will be like, but I can’t plan for it. That’s the biggest issue. Problem isn’t the fact that tomorrow is unforeseeable, but that it’s unknown, therefore out of my hands.

Yeah. I won’t be discovered as an artist again tomorrow

For all time, no one has ever known what they'd expect from tomorrow and this pandemic is a clear example of it. I think, knowing nothing with certainty is what makes the mystery of exisctence so fascinating.

I know for sure that I’ll meet the unpredictable

I know there is someone today thinking about improving the future, I know there will be someone tomorrow thinking about improving the day after tomorrow and so forth till the end of time. That someone could be me, but I could also not exist tomorrow, I could be the victim of pneumonia too.

I never really was plan ahead type. But I could have been one, nowadays I can not be, even if I want and try hard. There is nothing to plan for tomorrow, I do what the new regulations tell me to do. Unfortunately I do not know anything about tomorrow, even though I really want to know something.

I mean I can only estimate tomorrow but it's hard. I know I will continue studying in one way or another, but what will go on with my life in general... I don’t know. Coming to think of it, it is quite bothering that university is the only certain thing I see. I feel like I am on the edge of spreading my wings but being held back by Corona. I know for a fact that I will be different after this, having spent a lot of time by myself. As in being a very specifically shaped personality, certainly not as adaptive anymore, and many people will be similarly affected, and that's not necessarily bad but we will all have to figure out a way to deal with each other. But asking the question if I KNOW anything about tomorrow... The only fact I know is that there will still be uncertainty. A feeling like social nausea, an underlying threat you can't put your finger on as a privileged person... if that makes sense. And hopefully it will spark some productive movements but... No one "knows".




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