Cynthia Montier, Mathieu Tremblin

Eight Hours from the Furniture to the Tree.
07.04.2020, Strasbourg.
Abandoned furniture, cutting, hammer, tree, median strip, sun.
L ≈ 300 cm x h ≈ 50 cm x p ≈ 300 cm.

Mathieu Tremblin is a French artist researcher living in Strasbourg and working in Europe and beyond. He implements simple and playful processes of action inspired by anonymous, autonomous and spontaneous practices and expressions in urban space in order to question the systems of legislation, representation and symbolization of the city.
He works with site-specific urban intervention, walk and tour, tools design, objects hacking and uses text, publication, installation, photography and video to document or reinvest of his experimentations.

Cynthia Montier is a French artist researcher and intervener living in Strasbourg. Her work focuses on gestures of citizens and symbolic appropriation in the public space. She gives great importance to the place of belief and spirituality in vernacular, creative and socially engaged practices.
Strongly influenced by popular education, working-class culture and political magic, her approach is based on situated intervention and dialogical devices: conversation as an artistic form, co-creation with actors from different professional backgrounds, transmission of know-how, ritual pedagogy.

Eight Hours from the Furniture to the Tree is a sundial built in the median strip part of a parking lot under construction on break during the lockdown due to the pandemic.
The graduations of the flat table are cut out of an abandoned piece of furniture found nearby, while the trunk of a tree serves as a gnomon—the displacement of its shadow indicates solar time.

Videostills from Eight Hours from the Furniture to the Tree

© Mathieu Tremblin, Cynthia Montier 




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