Daniela Rivera

"Caribbean Sea, you make me warm and you make-up my body with your Sun. Since you have always been my pressing companion, allow me to give you a few words in my nostalgia: 

You know that it is here, in this land of sun and joy where I always want to be, your rivers and your beaches have been true witnesses of my childhood and my youth. I feel like a princess in your Fortín Solano and I feel like a mermaid in your waters.

How do I detach myself from you, Caribbean, if you have sunbathed my skin since I was born?

Your Puerto Cabello has sung to me every birthday, has lent me it's boardwalk to cry, to laugh, to dance.

All the springs of my existence full of this shore!

Let, Caribbean Sea, Patanemo shield me with its eager waves! Let, Caribbean Sea, Yapascua make me a turquoise dress!

Let, Caribbean Sea, Isla Larga comb my hair with her snails! Let, Puerto Cabello, the hammock dance paint my soul!

Let, Puerto Cabello, the drums of San Juan make my body tremble!

Let, Caribbean Sea, Puerto Cabello love me!

Look at the beach seducing the kids, crazy and sensual, ask the waves to dive into it, they swim and play. Half children, half sea creatures.

Young people skate in the afternoons and I want to take a look at their games, their love affairs, take a look at the sun hiding behind them.

I see the old people spending time in Plaza Concordia and I see the frescos kissing and mocking the commitments that life brings.

I don't want to walk through a city without a coast.

I want the beach to greet me after touring your streets with salsa brava, a violet and pinkish twilight, and mischievous waves soaking my shoes.

What makes me bitter is that you seem forgotten, my Puerto Cabello, Puerto Cabello of my Caribbean Sea, as if these years, your detached children, have been dealing with redundant things and not you.

Therefore, ungrateful, what are you doing showering flowers onto other shores, onto other people, onto other streets?

I do not know if sooner or later they will perceive the lavish coast where they were born but do not want to love.

We forgive them." 

Poem by Stefany Arráez

Artwork by 

Daniela Rivera

Daniela Rivera

selected works


Since the 15th of March up until the start of June, I found myself confronted by the importance of digitalization within documentation. Something that now seems like a distant and meaningless time frame. Isolation was not an issue, and I might dare say that in my personal case it was what I needed for myself and which eventually urged me to step outside of confinement. This form of experience, shared globally but for each individual it is purely with themselves, is where digitalization becomes almost necessary. To communicate, to share, to create, to inquire, to feel and to remember that in fact you are not the only one experiencing this unimaginable non-fiction. Digitalization seems to be an official document of a relationship, in the literal, broader and metaphorical sense. The photography work mixes old work which has been altered and digitized as well as an attempt to relate closer to my mother's body when the relationship is based on production.To share an image does not simply imply it is an image anymore. It implies the image can hold some vital information of the maker as well as of what is being transmitted.

Daniela Rivera

selected works


Daniela Rivera

selected works


Daniela Rivera 


Daniela Rivera, born in 1996 is a multidisciplinary artist and writer from Lima, Peru currently working in photography and with a background in painting and dance.

Website: www.dra.com.pe 

Instagram: d.rivera.a




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