George Nebieridze

George Nebieridze selected work from '18 and '19. Courtesy of the artist.

Nebieridze’s work is strongly emblematic of the condition of radical youth in contemporary Europe. These are the bodies right wing governments don’t want to see as a future face of Europe. He captures, with eloquent timing, images of genuine experience and honest connection between friends and muses, moments of heightened emotion and loss of control. These flashes of beauty during an after party or a brief encounter on the street document a youth in search of love, self discovery and liberation and examine fragments of everyday life in timeless fashion. The dichotomy and abrupt nature of his work offers a critique of the visual culture of modernity, calling to mind a host of concerns: youth, sexuality, freedom, violence, technology, connections between physical and intellectual spheres examined in life’s everyday events and objects. He combines his subjects with arresting and evocative abstractions and tenderness. Further, by harmonising diverse genres of photography: fashion, architecture, fine art, industrial design, abstract and reportage, he is able to interpret these elements into a uniquely honest and raw aesthetic.

Whilst photographing his home town Tbilisi, Georgia, Nebieridze captured a new wave of youth culture, who challenge the concept of belonging, of national identity and who ultimately show trouble and suffering are triumphed by optimism. He featured this new generation of creative minds fighting conservatism by representing bodies while asserting their alienation, and created a very visible and fertile contrast to corrupt society and manipulative institutions. 
Now based in Berlin he creates photographic documentation of underground lifestyle and sexual liberation. By capturing friends and muses when they feel spontaneous and free, they show their true selves in an honest manner. If, by the very nature of it’s artistic and documentary capacities, photography invites a fusion of the subject’s psychological state and the photographer’s eye, Nebieridze’s subjects give him direct access to a vital part of their essence. Nebieridze’s work is evidence of now, and a visual manifesto for tomorrow. 

moments of heightened emotion and loss of control
evidence of now, and a visual manifesto for tomorrow

Following George Nebieridze with these photographs, we gather his process of participating in the immediate worlds around him. Whether imagined with his camera or without—and we are certainly asked to consider the latter for these aren't studio compositions—passivity is imparted as a tender exchange through the making of the image. Quite unambiguously, there is no aside put forward by the photographs, and it is because of this that we are prompted to think about them from within the wake of an arresting sincerity. It is this relationship that arranges our capacity for looking here, which descends directly from Nebieridze's being in the world. Extrapolating further from the fragmented narratives and sub-plots, abstracting the curiosity for domestic detail until it peaks at a register of enlivening social praxis, we catch where this snags on the metropolis, refreshing our personal cache of familial guides. Our senses, whether purchased as primary or as collateral in thinking this through, deliver payloads that can't be avoided. This is when the world changes.

from within the wake of an arresting sincerity 

George Nebieridze selected work from '18 and '19. Courtesy of the artist.

George Nebieridze selected work from '18 and '19. Courtesy of the artist.

George Nebieridze

Born in 1990 Tbilisi, Georgia,

based in Berlin, Germany.





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