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The first group show took place in a large family tent, on a dyke in the south of Hamburg, Germany. 33 artists from all over Europe sent small works via letters and packages. All works were shown via instagram live-stream. The audience was guided through the exhibition by watching it online. 

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The third raus project had seven artists involved who showed their works in an Airbnb flat in Berlin, Germany. This group exhibition was curated by Philipp Dachsel. As a curatorial element, the visitors who watched the live-stream, were guided through the show. The mobile which was streaming the exhibition, was fixed on a remote-controlled car, driven by Philipp Dachsel.


raus project is an independent exhibition platform. It was founded during the covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 by Wolfgang Günther. The aim of this project is to show art under these difficult circumstances, outside of common exhibition spaces. Each exhibition takes place in a unique setting and is facilitated by different curators in various cities. 

Openings are broadcasted live on instagram (@raus.project) and can be streamed online on IGTV afterwards. Every artwork gets uploaded and introduced on the channel following the live stream. Until now five exhibitions have taken place in Hamburg, Berlin, Kassel and Würzburg with over 100 artists involved.

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Group exhibition number four was curated by Frauke Alina Becker and took place in a glasshouse near Kassel, Germany. 18 different works were exhibited next to organic vegetables like eggplants and tomatoes. The exhibition was broadcasted live on instagram while the curator was walking slowly and creeping through the vegetable patches in the glasshouse.

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The latest raus project exhibition was organized by neu_format, a curatorial platform founded by Franziska Sofia Meeder and Markus Günther.

This group show was located in a public parking garage in Würzburg, Germany, where all artworks were installed in the driveway in several levels of the building.

raus project

is an independent exhibition platform.

It was founded during the covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 by Wolfgang Günther

Instagram: @raus.project


Email: wolfganguenther@gmail.com


Wolfgang Günther was born in Munich in 1990. He currently works and lives in Hamburg, Germany. He studied fine arts with a focus on painting and drawing at University of the Arts in Bremen (Germany), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Austria), and the University of Fine Arts Hamburg (Germany).





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